6 Reasons Why Wonder Woman is Such a Success

By: Gabrielle Muniz

It’s a big surprise, but this is a great DC film! It’s been 10 years since The Dark Knight graced the screen in all its glory, but now we can safely say that DC is getting back on the right track. Here are some reasons why Wonder Woman deserves all of its success.

Warning! Some Spoilers Ahead Continue reading


Long Island Coffee Shops to Visit: Sip This, Valley Stream, New York

By: Kaycee Grancher

As a coffee lover, it seems only fair that I tell you about my favorite coffee shop on Long Island. Forget the typical Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. I’m talking about the independently owned coffee shop, where the employees know who you are and where the environment is comfortable and welcoming. Not only is the coffee in these places great, it is also an awesome atmosphere to hang out with friends, people watch, read a book, or study. That’s why Sip This of Valley Stream is one of my favorite coffee shops to visit, and I’m hoping that after reading this article, it will become one of your favorite places too! Continue reading

5 Things Female Sports Fans Hate to Hear

By: Kaycee Grancher

If you’re a girl like me, who just so happens to like sports, then you’re familiar with the sometimes negative reactions from people who don’t think a female can like things such as baseball, football, hockey, or soccer. It gets pretty frustrating when all you want to do is enjoy the game or have a conversation only to be questioned as to if you’re being real or not. That being said, I have created a list of things that have been said to me on dates with guys who didn’t think it was possible for a girl to like sports. Continue reading

Autumn Treat: Cinnamon Roll Pull-Apart Bread with Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Icing

By: Gabrielle Muniz

Can you feel it in the air? Fall is right around the corner, so there are many fall treats to enjoy. When I think of fall, there is one flavor that comes to mind: cinnamon. It has just the right amount of sugar and spice to enhance those cool and windy autumn days. Yeah, pumpkin is popular, but it would be nothing without the wonderful flavor of cinnamon. It’s even a tradition in my house to have cinnamon rolls every Thanksgiving morning, but I decided to make an even more special treat last season. Now, it’s time for me to share it with you! Continue reading