5 Reasons to Go Back to School

By: Gabrielle Muniz

We all know that going to school can be tough. There are so many essays, reading assignments, and tests that can really challenge your anxiety levels. Still, there are so many benefits. Whether you’re considering going to college or graduate school, here are some reasons why it can be rewarding decision. Continue reading


Classic Tinder F***boy Red Flags

By: Gabbi Battiloro

Really, this applies for any dating website/app, but there are just some universal signs that a guy is too well-versed in internet dating, and I’m sure the same could be said about girls, but I don’t swing that way so I’m going based on my experience. Below are some signature f**kboy dating website/app red flags. Continue reading

Liz and Her “Shot in the Dark”

By: Máire Hannigan

We first introduced you to Liz Bissonette back in January of 2017. She had just released two brand new songs, “Unlovable” and “Two Faces,” and was gearing up for a potential album release. Although an album isn’t coming just yet, Liz is now ready to share the last year and a half of her life with her listeners. “I wrote most of this stuff this time last year,” Liz explains, “and the reason I’ve waited so long to release it all is because I think I just needed to experience life and let myself have a break.” Today, with the release of “A Shot in the Dark,” we get a sneak peek of what’s to come. “I’ve been through a lot of crap this last year. I think I’m finally in a good headspace to start putting it all out,” Liz continues, explaining the reason behind the gap. “You’ll hear more about the ups and downs of this last year in the new music.” Continue reading