Megan and Liz Return to Pop with New EP, “Muses”

By: Máire Hannigan

It’s been a long journey for Megan and Liz, with a fair share of ups and downs, but nothing seems to keep these two from pursuing their dream. After their label closed at the end of 2013, the duo dove into country music releasing their EP, “Simple Life” in June of 2014. It’s been six years since their last pop single, “Release You,” and this duo has decided it’s time to make their return to pop music with their latest project, “Muses.” Contrary to their previous projects, not only is “Muses” a pop EP, but for the first time, the twins added featured artists, Myles Parish and BHAVIOR, to two of the five tracks. Anticipation for new music from these two has been brewing for a while, and Witty Serendipity got the opportunity to talk with Megan and Liz about where they’ve been and how those experiences brought “Muses” to fruition. Continue reading

Five Black Friday Tips

By: Sam Miller

November’s finally here! That means our favorite holiday is quickly approaching. No, I’m not talking about the time you spend with your family, enjoying a delicious, warm meal and remembering everything you’re thankful for. I’m talking about the time you spend standing on line and fighting over objects with strangers! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it’s almost time for Black Friday shopping! Here are five steps to making the most of your Black Friday. Continue reading

5 Canning Recipes to get You into the Fall Mood

By: Kaycee Grancher

Fall is finally here again. Good-bye sunburn and mosquitos, and hello mums, ankle boots, and cozy scarves. Aside from the wonderful smells and weather the fall brings, it also means it’s finally time to start canning again! It’s been an annual tradition since I was a little girl that each year my mom and I would by a huge bushel of tomatoes – or two – gather loads of peppers, jalapeños, onion, and garlic, and make jar after jar of homemade salsa. Now, while I’m sworn to secrecy on the family recipe, I’ve found different pickling and canning recipes over the years that I absolutely love to make. Many of these are beginner friendly, so even if you’re new to canning, you’ll easily be able to handle these recipes. Be sure to check them out below, and let me know if you have any canning recipes that you love to make each year! Continue reading

Top 5 Sitcom Halloween Episodes

By: Sam Miller

It’s October, which means it’s finally time to break out that costume you’ve had sitting in your closet since last November and embrace everything Halloween. And while a natural place to start is with your favorite horror movies, you need a place to turn when those movies get too scary and you’re convinced there’s a killer in your closet. But don’t worry — you can keep it Halloween-themed. Take a break from the horror and turn to the humor with these top five Halloween episodes from sitcoms. Continue reading