By: Máire Hannigan

Eight years ago, a young fifteen-year-old girl decided to earn some money of her own in her own way.  She decided she’d dabble in the art of making and selling polymer clay jewelry, and eventually, that hobby turned into a career. Today, that brand is known as Jawbreaking: an independent clothing company for the “big dreamers, headbangers, lovers, and wanderers.” Aly Silverio, 23, is the founder and creator of Jawbreaking that, with the help of social media, allowed her to expand to graphic tees and more.

Based in Raleigh, NC, the popularity of Jawbreaking has grown immensely since its jewelry line days. The summer after Silverio graduated from high school, when the brand really took off, Silverio challenged herself to delve in creating graphic t-shirts.  Her very first design, which featured a dreamcatcher ended up becoming a top seller and is still sold to this day. Bands like One Direction, Simple Plan, and Fifth Harmony have been spotted sporting the brand and even retailers like Zumiez and Urban Outfitters have carried it in their stores.

Inspiration behind the designs come from Silverio’s everyday life and experiences and to say the style is relatable would be an understatement. From movie quotes to music and pop culture references, Jawbreaking is a brand unlike any other in its unique ability to connect to its customers.  Whether it be through its comfy, casual clothing or the exceptional customer service. “After following the company for years, Aly treats you like a friend,” explains longtime customer Mika Matias. “She’s always willing to help out when she can, whether it’s with returns or sizing.”

Although the brand started off with graphic tees, Jawbreaking offers most designs in a variety of styles, if the classic tee isn’t for you, including sweatshirts, hats/beanies, flowy shirts, crop tops, flannels, long sleeved shirts and tanks.  Jawbreaking accessories are also available. You can pick and choose from mugs, key chains, chokers, cozies, and even bracelets.  The price range is fairly manageable as well, with the number of discounts and sales for holidays and such, like the 3 for $30 (3 surprise shirts for $30), Jawbreaking is affordable for its young target consumers. The only minor con with this brand would be the limited time offer on certain designs. So, from personal experience, if you’ve had your eye on a shirt grab it before it’s discontinued so you don’t miss out.

I’ve been a customer myself since 2012 and the style, comfort and overall experience with Jawbreaking and Aly has improved with each new line.  When it comes to appreciating her customers and making sure each order is fit for every individual person, Aly goes above and beyond.

Editors note: Aly Silverio recently announced she is stepping down as CEO. Original designs will be sold until they are sold out so get yours before the end of November!


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