LipSense by SeneGence

By: Gabbi Battiloro

The smudge proof, waterproof, moisturizing lipstick is becoming the newest obsession among fellow females, and I got to hear all about this product from Kristi Manolakis, an Independent LipSense Distributor.

SeneGence is a cosmetic and skin care company that originally started in 1999 with a single liquid lip color. Since then, it has flourished into a full line of cosmetic products and skin care collections including it’s more popular product, LipSense. LipSense has become the newest craze among women as it dazzles them with what it guarantees–long-lasting color that stays on your lips for 4-18 hours. You read that right. LipSense is a long-lasting lipstick that lasts 4-18 hours through kissing, eating, drinking, and more. There is no gimmick or trick. It just works. All you have to do is apply a few thin layers of one of the lipstick colors and a touch of the clear gloss, and you are set.


I know what you’re thinking, “There’s no way that’s all I have to do,” “It probably dries out your lips,” “It can’t be that good,” and/or “It will probably have some negative side effect on me.” These were thoughts that not only I had, but Kristi had too when she first heard about LipSense. Kristi told me her first thought was, “Okay, that’s not real. It doesn’t work.” But, she decided to give it a try anyway, to see what it is all about. She ordered the starter kit (1 lipstick color, gloss, and remover), and the rest is history. She found herself trying out more colors and combinations, by layering the colors, and eventually, she decided it was time to start selling the product herself.


Kristi started selling LipSense at the beginning of March, and it has not only benefited her lips, but has allotted her the opportunity to create her own business as well as see how something as small as the right lipstick can brighten someone’s day–making it all worth it. As soon as one tries LipSense, it becomes clear why the vegan, gluten, cruelty, wax, and lead free lipstick is a product to invest in. With the 36 different colors, that come in shimmers, mattes, and frosts, and the 11 Shea butter-based, hydrating glosses to pair with the lipsticks, LipSense will leave you feeling confident and comfortable with your lips.

By sitting down with Kristi, I was given insight into this, quite literally, unbelievable makeup product and her business, LipSlay. I actually bought the kit and the color, First Love from Kristi, and I can honestly say it is the coolest, most moisturizing and enduring lipstick I have ever owned!


For all questions, business opportunities, and orders, you can contact Kristi through any of these platforms:


Facebook / Instagram

Also, mention “Witty Serendipity” when you place an order with Kristi and receive 10% off!



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