Spring 2017: Five Fashion Must-Haves

By: Sam Miller

As we transition into the season of spring and are reminded of rebirth with every blooming flower, fashion also transitions, bringing about a rebirth of older fashion trends mixed in with some new ones. Prints and colors tend to match the new life that comes about with this season, with the use of many floral patterns and bright colors. Take a look below to see the five fashion must-haves that will be in style for Spring 2017.

1. One-shoulder tops and dresses

This season, we are seeing a lot of one-shoulder shirts and dresses come back in style. This look is very reminiscent of the ‘80s. Depending on the style purchased, it can either be a very bold look or something simple that adds a bit of flair to your outfit:

Bold, Cute, & Casual
I bought my one-shoulder top here!

2. Bell sleeve tops

Another style that is returning this spring brings us even further into the past, taking us back to the 70s with bell sleeves. This style is definitely reflective of the hippie generation, and its freeness and flow screams spring.


I love this bell sleeve top I got from American Eagle.

3. Pro-feminism shirts

Positive, uplifting quotes on shirts are cute. Pro-feminism quotes on shirts are badass. Make a statement with your pro-feminism shirt and remind the world that women deserve equal rights.


This anti-gender roles shirt might be the best thing ever.
Or maybe Benedict’s face is.

4. Suns out…bras out? 

We saw it at the Spring 2017 Fashion Shows, and we’ll soon see it around us: girls wearing exposed bras. Now, I’m not endorsing this style at all, but it definitely is something that fashion has been moving towards. The closest thing to this look that I’m comfortable with is a bralette underneath a semi-see-through shirt. If this is a look you’re comfortable rocking, make sure you keep it classy.


I bought my bralette here and
wore it underneath an oversized, jersey cotton white tee.

5. Skirts that button all the way up the front

At first, something about this look reminded me of outfits my mom used to dress me in when I was a little kid—and I hated it. However, it is so versatile and as long as it is paired with the right shirt and shoes, I now think it can be super cute. Since this style is coming back this spring, here are a few looks you might want to consider trying out yourself:


I currently have my eye on this skirt from Urban Outfitters.

I hope you guys feel inspired by some of these fashion must-haves! Happy spring and happy shopping!


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