5 Reasons to See Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

By: Gabrielle Muniz

Let’s face it: nothing ever beats the first Pirates of the Caribbean, but who can ever get enough of Jack Sparrow?  Here are five reasons to go to your nearest movie theater to see the latest pirate adventure.

1. More Jack Sparrow Hilariousness


Johnny Depp’s iconic interpretation of Captain Jack Sparrow just doesn’t get old. His mannerisms, funny quips, and over the top look have made him a joy to watch over the years.  It’s no different in Dead Men Tell No Tales, as you will find yourself laughing at another of Jack’s misadventures when the film starts.


2. Javier Bardem is Always a Great Villain


Securing himself the position as one of the most bad-ass villains in the Pirates films, Javier Bardem’s Captain Salazar is a force to be reckoned with. He will kill without question and go to whatever end to secure his vengeance. Trust me: you’ll be creeped-out and impressed by his performance at the same time, which is how most of Bardem’s performances go.


3. You Get to See Orlando Bloom as Will Turner Again


Rumors had been going around about Will Turner making an appearance in the new film, and these rumors have turned out to be true. We have not seen Bloom in a Pirates film since At World’s End in 2007, but his story was left kind of open-ended. Having captained the Flying Dutchman, Will was cursed with being unable to see his wife and son. In Dead Men Tell No Tales, we get to see if he really gets the chance to have a happy ending. Also, he looks as handsome as ever, and no one can portray Will Turner quite like he can.


4. More Pirate Whimsy


If you like some swashbuckling, thievery, and overall pirate mayhem, then you will find something to enjoy in this movie. Also, there are still plenty of laughs mixed in with all of that fighting. This is one thing that makes the franchise so popular.


5. This May Be the Final Pirates Movie


It’s unlikely, considering that franchises never really die these days, but this film has been said to be the final installment. Interestingly, you should stay for a scene after the credits that may just prove that more pirates movies are coming. Until we know for sure, you should enjoy the last Jack Sparrow adventure as much as you can, savvy?


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