Summer Shoes for Dudes

By: Sam Miller

It’s officially summer, which means it’s time to let your feet breathe. Guys, put away those stinky sneakers you’ve been wearing since last fall and slip on some flip flops! Here are five different styles to switch up your shoe game this season.

1. Espadrilles


Keep it simple and light with these relaxed shoes. Possibly the most popular kind of espadrille would be Toms, but there are plenty of other fashionable (and cheap) brands to choose from. Also, if you’re not into sandals or flip flops, these are a great option for the beach.


2. Sandals


Not to be confused with flip flops, sandals are a great way to give your feet some air this summer. Just please, we beg of you, do NOT wear them with socks!



3. Boat shoes

Who doesn’t love a good pair of boat shoes? They’re fashionable, comfortable, and versatile. You can dress them up or down for any summer event, whether it’s lounging around the pool, going to a party or actually going on a boat. Plus, Barney Stinson wears them? Challenge accepted.


4. Slip-on sneakers


Remember how you used to love sporting some Chuck Taylors in the summer sans socks? We do, too. Reminisce about your teen years and go buy yourself a new pair. You deserve it. And so do your feet.  


5. Flip flops


Not everyone loves the feeling of a band between your toes. And while it does take some getting used to, you’ll never go back once you do. Be cool like Clooney’s and sport some flip flops! Your toes, which have been cramped up in confining shoes all year, will be happy you did.



*Pro tip: buy some Goldbaum and sprinkle some in your espadrilles, boat shoes, or slip-on sneakers – and any other areas of your body that get particularly sweaty during the summer – to keep away sweat stink.


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