Three Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

By: Kaycee Grancher

Those who know me know that I love testing out new recipes and making up my own different concoctions. When I need a break from school work or just the everyday happenings of life, I love playing with different and made up recipes in the kitchen. In addition to making up some of my own measurement free recipes, I’ve found a few recipes that I always go back to. Because I don’t have a list of true measurements or bake times for my own recipes, here is a list of three of my favorite food blogger finds to make in the kitchen!


1. White Chicken Chili – The Brown Eyed Baker

Even if you’re not normally a chili fan, this recipe is delicious! It’s easy to make, and it perfect for a chilly night. The Brown Eyed Baker is my favorite food blogger, and I am always browsing through her page for something tasty to make. She recently celebrated 10 years of blogging, and every one of her recipes is delicious. Be sure to check out this recipe!




2. Roast Chicken – The Pioneer Woman

I’m proud to say that I’ve officially mastered the art of making a roast chicken. I love the seasonings and flavors The Pioneer Woman includes in her roast chicken recipe, as it makes for a perfectly juicy and tender chicken. One trick I learned is to rub the butter mixture under the skin of the chicken, rather than on the top of the chicken. This can be done by making small incisions towards the front and back ends of the chicken underneath the skin – carefully so as not to puncture the meat – and then squishing the softened butter mixture as far underneath the skin as you are able. Doing this makes for an extra flavor-full and crispy chicken. The leftover butter mixture can be spread on top of the chicken as The Pioneer Woman states in her recipe.




3. Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie – The Brown Eyed Baker

This must be one of my favorite desserts. I’m not normally a cheesecake fan, but The Brown Eyed Baker’s Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie is to die for. The cheesecake layer itself is very thin, so it’s not overwhelming for those of you who may be similar to me. However, I have doubled the amount of cheesecake batter before, and it still turned out delicious. This recipe does take a bit of time to make, but it is SO worth it! It’s surprisingly not overly sweet, which great if you’re wanting a second slice! This recipe is great for fall, though I love it so much, that I make it at random times throughout the year. Just thinking about it makes me want to whip up another pie!



Happy cooking! I hope you enjoy each of these recipes as much as I do!


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