8 Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas to Stay on Budget

By: Gabrielle Muniz

As the holidays are approaching, you start to think of presents for all of the important people in your life. Since you’re not rich, debt-free, or generous enough to go bankrupt on buying gifts, it can be hard to get something special for everyone. Don’t worry! Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to keep you on budget this holiday season:

1. Clever Coffee Mug


This is an especially good gift for avid coffee drinkers. If you know someone who can’t get through a day without a cup of coffee, then this will definitely be appreciated. It’s much more fun to drink from a mug that puts a smile on your face on those early mornings.


2.  Keychains


Everyone loves keychains because they can be versatile and cute at the same time. Try to find some that are shaped like a movie, show, or hobby that the gift recipient loves. You’ll see them rocking your gift next to their keys every day.


3.  A Good Book


With all of the new technology that has become available, reading is something of a lost art. It is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling experiences to just sit down with a good book. Try finding one that can really peak someone’s interest.


4.  Funny T-Shirt


Usually, people hate getting clothes on a holiday. That’s why graphic tees make great gift: they’re fun! Plus, you can never have too many T-shirts when they have your favorite taglines on them.


5. Candy Jars


If you’re feeling creative, then you can turn a really simple gift into something extra special.  There are plenty of suggestions on Pinterest for making a jar of candy into an adorable holiday decoration. These are not only cute, but they’re also super delicious.


6. Cookies


Who can say no to cookies? Personally, I make dozens and dozens of cookies during the holiday season. Everyone appreciates being given food because not only does it taste great, but it shows that you put time into making them. Get a delicious recipe and make them with the most important ingredient: love.


7. A Blu-ray Disc or DVD


Movie-lovers always have a collection of DVDs or Blu-rays stacked-up somewhere. However, they probably don’t have every single one that they want. Try to find a movie that you know someone will love, especially if it’s something that they haven’t seen yet!


8. Board Game

DW 50th Lidwrap silver

A board game is a great excuse to see a friend more often! If you give a game as a gift, then you can get together to play it for many nights of fun. Games just bring out your inner kid, so make someone feel like a kid again for the holiday.


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