Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College

By: Kaycee Grancher

So you’re in college now. Wow! You’ve spent months picking a potential school, filling out applications, filing for scholarships and financial aid, and now you’re here! Suddenly, you’ve been given freedom that you didn’t have in high school. That is so exciting! But, keep in mind that with this freedom comes responsibility. Listed below are some tips to help you survive your freshman year and have an overall fantastic college experience. Continue reading


What’s Next? More School or Straight to a Job?

By: Kate Pallini

So you’ve graduated college, what’s next? During your senior year, you’re more likely than not to hear your fellow classmates in chats about what’s to come after graduation—whether it be beginning graduate school summer classes right away, or taking a little time off to get settled in a job first and then, considering more education later on. If you’re feeling slightly stressed because everyone around you seems to have a post-graduation plan but you, news flash, it’s absolutely okay! There is no right or wrong way to do post-grad; however, I recommend working somewhere…Those student loan bills won’t pay themselves! Continue reading

5 Stages of Grad School

By: Sam Miller

I am (thankfully) in my final year of grad school! YAY! I have been going part time for the past three years, and throughout this journey, I’ve felt many different feelings about grad school in general. While I’m sure everyone’s experience is unique in its own way, here are the five stages of grad school as experienced by yours truly: Continue reading

What It’s Like Teaching Around the Holidays

By: Kate Pallini

If you’re a teacher who is counting the weeks until the sweet release of winter break, then you’re probably also aware of the side effects of teaching students who are just plain exhausted as the week off approaches. You may think to yourself, “How can I keep them motivated right up until the end?” Well, the harsh reality of it is, it will be a challenge; however, know that you’re not alone in the struggle! Here as some strategies I employed to keep students as active as humanly possible (while still learning!) right before winter break: Continue reading

Working While in College: How to Manage Multiple Jobs While Taking Classes

By: Sam Miller

I’m no stranger to the concept of working while in college. I worked a part-time job at a movie theater all throughout undergrad, and they frequently gave me hours resembling that of a full-time employee. It was no easy task to manage my workload for both, but I made do.  After all, I needed the degree and I needed the money. Now I am in graduate school, and I still find myself in the same boat. Continue reading