Why Jim Halpert is the Man of Everyone’s Dreams

By: Sam Miller

If you’re not familiar with the American version of the show The Office, go ahead and watch it all on Netflix right now.  That’s okay; I’ll wait until you’re done. Continue reading


Expectations vs. Reality – Going on a date

By: Kaycee Grancher

First dates can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re just looking for something casual or want a relationship, going on dates can be an entertaining and memorable experience. Unfortunately, sometimes our idea of what we would like for a date to be doesn’t match up with how things really go. Here is a list of expectation vs. reality for the dating world. Continue reading

The Office: The Best of Jim and Pam

By: Sam Miller

Jim and Pam (The Office U.S.) are one of the cutest television couples by far. Their chemistry in the show is so good that the relationship has become real to the viewers. This article discusses the episodes that highlight this amazing relationship as it blossoms and grows into the epic love story of Jam. So go ahead—log on to your (or your friend’s) Netflix account, start binge watching, and feel enveloped in their love. Continue reading

5 Things Female Sports Fans Hate to Hear

By: Kaycee Grancher

If you’re a girl like me, who just so happens to like sports, then you’re familiar with the sometimes negative reactions from people who don’t think a female can like things such as baseball, football, hockey, or soccer. It gets pretty frustrating when all you want to do is enjoy the game or have a conversation only to be questioned as to if you’re being real or not. That being said, I have created a list of things that have been said to me on dates with guys who didn’t think it was possible for a girl to like sports. Continue reading

Five Best Date Ideas

By: Kate Pallini

In every relationship or new fling, there comes a time where you just run out of ideas for things to do on a Friday night or how to spend your “Sunday Funday.” You especially do not want to fall into the rut of doing the same thing over and over again, or not doing anything at all with your significant other week after week. Here are some of my ideas for fun dates for all seasons: Continue reading

Anti-Valentine’s Day Fun

By: Kaycee Grancher

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While the idea of love can be magical, the commercialization of the holiday can leave many people dreading February 14th. Therefore, I have come up with a list of activities to do on Valentine’s Day that will make you forget about the holiday altogether. After all, isn’t it about showing love 365 days a year? Not just February 14th? Whether you’re single or a couple who just doesn’t care for the day, I guarantee you will find something on this list to interest you! Continue reading