The Wishing Tide: A Book Review

By: Sam Miller

The Wishing Tide by Barbara Davis tells the story of three main narrators: Lane Kramer, who moved to the island Starry Point, North Carolina, five years ago after divorcing her husband; Michael Forrester, an English professor on sabbatical in Starry Point who claims to be looking for a quiet place to finish writing a Charles Dickens memoir; and Mary Quinn, a local “bag lady” who appears on the dunes every morning to stare out at the ocean. Continue reading

The Night Game’s “The Outfield” – Your New Favorite Song

By: Kate Pallini

Recently, Martin Johnson and his new group, The Night Game released their first single as an up-and-coming band. Johnson, the lead singer, was once the lead vocalist for the band, Boys Like Girls and is now taking his vocals and songwriting talents on a new endeavor that has been received extremely well by The Night Game’s fans. Their first single, “The Outfield” has already launched their popularity and has gained them lots of attention with its ‘80s vibes. Continue reading

Which Beauty and the Beast is Best?

By: Gabrielle Muniz

Like most kids of the 90s, I grew up loving Beauty and the Beast. It quickly became a classic for me and my family. When the live-action film was released this year, I was skeptical about how it would turn out. After seeing it and loving it, I decided to revisit the animated film, and I have to say that the difference is astonishing.    Continue reading

Legends of Tomorrow: Captain Hunter or Captain Lance?

By: Gabrielle Muniz

Rip Hunter and Sara Lance both make great leaders of the Legends of Tomorrow. They can navigate a time ship with relative ease, defend themselves, and think on their feet. This is what made them work so well together, but after Rip seemingly died at the beginning of season two, Sara was left in charge. On top of it all, there are new members to help with the cause: the Justice Society of America (JSA) and Nate Heywood, also known as “Steel.” Many things changed in the team’s dynamic, and some can say that the team is lost without Rip. Still, Sara being captain benefits the team in different ways. So, who makes the better captain? Continue reading

Playlist for a Rough day

By: Sam Miller

Whether a bad day is brought on by work, school, a relationship, or people in general, music is always there to help us feel better. The aim of this playlist is to do just that. This list contains a variety of genres and has songs that hopefully help with any kind of tough day in general.

*Some of these songs contain explicit language Continue reading