Which Beauty and the Beast is Best?

By: Gabrielle Muniz

Like most kids of the 90s, I grew up loving Beauty and the Beast. It quickly became a classic for me and my family. When the live-action film was released this year, I was skeptical about how it would turn out. After seeing it and loving it, I decided to revisit the animated film, and I have to say that the difference is astonishing.    Continue reading

Why Veronica Mars was an Amazing Show (and why it Should Come Back)

By: Sam Miller

I got into the Veronica Mars world a little late, having started watching during its premiere of the third—and unfortunately last—season. I stumbled upon it on accident, having left the TV on after watching an episode of Gilmore Girls. However, each week after that, my mom and I would leave the TV on and keep watching. We quickly became obsessed with Veronica and the world of Neptune. After the show ended, fans had to wait a while (seven years!) before a Kickstarter was created that brought the beloved characters back, but this time in the form of a movie. This show was clearly loved by many. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this was such an amazing show—and why it should come back.

*This post contains minor spoilers! Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast: Movie Review

By: Gabrielle Muniz

If you haven’t seen the original animated version of Beauty and the Beast, then you are truly missing out on a classic. It is one of Disney’s most successful animated movies that shaped many childhoods for kids of the 90s. The songs and the characters became iconic, making this live-action version that much more risky to develop. Thankfully, this adaptation is just as satisfying, as all of the beloved elements of the original are brought to life once again on the big screen. Continue reading

A Somewhat Spoiler-y Batman v Superman Movie Review

By: Gabrielle Muniz

Though this film is no longer in theaters, it still begs to be talked about. So much hype and money went into making this and wow… Batman v Superman surprises in ways that are far from positive.  The reviews on Rotten Tomatoes bash almost every aspect that should hold the movie together.  Still, it’s not all bad; we get an amazing Batman and Wonder Woman out of this thing. The cast is very strong here, except for Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor being debatably over-the-top, but this film stumbles most when it comes to a film’s bare essentials: a clear plot, smooth editing, and good writing/characterization.  Batman v Superman struggles deeply with all of these aspects. Continue reading

Captain America: Civil War – A Review

By: Gabrielle Muniz

In Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers are tested when civilian casualties pile up after disarming a bomb goes wrong (thanks a lot, Hydra). This leads to government intervening with The Accords: a contract that makes all Avengers-associated weapons, including the Avengers themselves, government property. Too much government control? Half of the team thinks so, and this includes Captain America.  Continue reading