6 Reasons Why Wonder Woman is Such a Success

By: Gabrielle Muniz

It’s a big surprise, but this is a great DC film! It’s been 10 years since The Dark Knight graced the screen in all its glory, but now we can safely say that DC is getting back on the right track. Here are some reasons why Wonder Woman deserves all of its success.

Warning! Some Spoilers Ahead Continue reading


20 for 20: 20 inspiring quotes from the Harry Potter Series 20 years after it came to be

By: Sam Miller

20 years ago, J.K. Rowling introduced the world to Harry Potter. Her words, like the magic in her stories, filled many muggles with a sense of wonder and happiness. To this day, they remain inspiring as ever, reminding us that, even though her books may have ended, the magic of them never will. Here are 20 of our favorite quotes from the Harry Potter series: Continue reading

Which Beauty and the Beast is Best?

By: Gabrielle Muniz

Like most kids of the 90s, I grew up loving Beauty and the Beast. It quickly became a classic for me and my family. When the live-action film was released this year, I was skeptical about how it would turn out. After seeing it and loving it, I decided to revisit the animated film, and I have to say that the difference is astonishing.    Continue reading