Autumn Treat: Cinnamon Roll Pull-Apart Bread with Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Icing

By: Gabrielle Muniz

Can you feel it in the air? Fall is right around the corner, so there are many fall treats to enjoy. When I think of fall, there is one flavor that comes to mind: cinnamon. It has just the right amount of sugar and spice to enhance those cool and windy autumn days. Yeah, pumpkin is popular, but it would be nothing without the wonderful flavor of cinnamon. It’s even a tradition in my house to have cinnamon rolls every Thanksgiving morning, but I decided to make an even more special treat last season. Now, it’s time for me to share it with you! Continue reading


Three Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

By: Kaycee Grancher

Those who know me know that I love testing out new recipes and making up my own different concoctions. When I need a break from school work or just the everyday happenings of life, I love playing with different and made up recipes in the kitchen. In addition to making up some of my own measurement free recipes, I’ve found a few recipes that I always go back to. Because I don’t have a list of true measurements or bake times for my own recipes, here is a list of three of my favorite food blogger finds to make in the kitchen! Continue reading

Better-Than-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

By: Gabrielle Muniz

Attention all peanut butter cup lovers: your life is about to change. So, if you have loved Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups all your life, like I have, this recipe is about to make you even more grateful for the beloved combination of peanut butter and chocolate. The salty, savory, and sweet concoction has been popular for years, and now it’s your turn to make them! It’s a lot easier than you may think, so be prepared to make these as often as you want. Continue reading

Cookie Dough Delights

By: Gabrielle Muniz

There’s something about the buttery, sugary, chocolatey taste of chocolate chip cookie dough that brings out the kid in you. I’ve been baking since I was six years old and it was not only the taste of the baked cookies that I loved: it was the raw cookie dough. I find myself munching on the dough even when I bake now! Suddenly, my batches of cookies become smaller because some of that dough doesn’t even make it to the oven. Continue reading

S’Mores Dip

By: Gabrielle Muniz

Okay, S’Mores lovers: here’s a real treat for you! It’s obvious that S’Mores have taken the food industry by storm. Whether you’re eating Oreos, Pop Tarts, or even Goldfish, you see this dessert flavor being used everywhere, and it’s definitely with good reason. Mixing crunchy graham crackers and sweet marshmallows with warm chocolate can never do your sweet tooth wrong. It’s one of the most satisfying treats for any time of the year, but there’s no time like fall to indulge in it! Continue reading

Last-Minute Mug Brownie

By: Gabrielle Muniz

I hope you’re sitting down for this one. Actually, you should be in your kitchen preparing for one of the easiest, tastiest, most ground-breaking recipes of your life. You only need five easy ingredients and a coffee mug for this warm brownie dessert.  This is one of the easiest brownies since Easy Bake…but much more delicious. Continue reading