Five Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

By: Sam Miller

As we approach the spookiest holiday of the year, it’s time to start planning our Halloween costumes. Save some time and money and consider going the DIY-route this October. Here are five simple Halloween costumes (three for women, two for men) that you can make yourself without having to break the bank or plan that far ahead: Continue reading


21 Thoughts I Have When I Go to Sephora

By: Gabbi Battiloro

I’m going to start this off by saying I have recently started to come around to Sephora, but, for a while there, I was overwhelmed every time I was forcibly pulled into the store. I was that awkward, anxious person that tried to keep to herself and would pet the face brushes on display while my friends essentially left their kidneys on deposit to buy all sorts of makeup. You may think I’m kidding, but for a low maintenance makeup gal like myself, Sephora was too much to handle. Below are some of the thoughts that have crossed my mind when venturing into the makeup black hole. Continue reading


By: Máire Hannigan

On March 26, 2017, a new brand was born. If read our article Jawbreaking, then you know we are big fans of Aly Silverio, her story, and her keen sense of style. This past year Aly announced she would be stepping away from Jawbreaking and launching a new endeavor alongside longtime friend, Nedda Parangi. Flash forward a few months and State of Myne is live, and we got the chance to talk with Aly and Nedda about their new brand and what’s to come. Continue reading

Spring 2017: Five Fashion Must-Haves

By: Sam Miller

As we transition into the season of spring and are reminded of rebirth with every blooming flower, fashion also transitions, bringing about a rebirth of older fashion trends mixed in with some new ones. Prints and colors tend to match the new life that comes about with this season, with the use of many floral patterns and bright colors. Take a look below to see the five fashion must-haves that will be in style for Spring 2017. Continue reading

Winter 2016-2017: Five Fashion Must-Haves

By: Sam Miller

If you’re anything like me, you wear mostly the same stuff that you wear during the fall except with a heavier outer layer (a.k.a. a winter jacket). With that being said, this post will explore the outer layers that are in style for this upcoming winter! While the outer layers remain the same year to year, the styles of them come and go. Take a look at what’s hitting stores this winter, and keep them in mind for friends and family (or yourself!) while doing your holiday shopping! Continue reading