10 Tips for First Time Teachers

By: Kate Pallini

Ever since 10th grade, I’ve had my sights set on becoming an English teacher. Through the years, I’ve met people who have grown to become my closest and best friends, and many times, they were older than me and becoming teachers as well. Watching them go through education programs, student teaching, and eventually, becoming full-time teachers, there was always one warning that I’ve always been given: “Your first year will be the hardest.” No truer words have ever been spoken. My goal here is to try to give you my best tips from what I’ve learned on this crazy roller coaster ride so far!
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Playlist for a Rough day

By: Sam Miller

Whether a bad day is brought on by work, school, a relationship, or people in general, music is always there to help us feel better. The aim of this playlist is to do just that. This list contains a variety of genres and has songs that hopefully help with any kind of tough day in general.

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What’s Next? More School or Straight to a Job?

By: Kate Pallini

So you’ve graduated college, what’s next? During your senior year, you’re more likely than not to hear your fellow classmates in chats about what’s to come after graduation—whether it be beginning graduate school summer classes right away, or taking a little time off to get settled in a job first and then, considering more education later on. If you’re feeling slightly stressed because everyone around you seems to have a post-graduation plan but you, news flash, it’s absolutely okay! There is no right or wrong way to do post-grad; however, I recommend working somewhere…Those student loan bills won’t pay themselves! Continue reading

8 One Tree Hill Quotes You Can Relate to in Your 20’s

By: Sam Miller

If you’ve never watched One Tree Hill, you should go do that now. All seasons are available for streaming on Netflix. But, whether you have or haven’t, these are quotes anyone in their 20s can relate to. Your 20s are a time full of drastic change, whether it be graduating with any kind of degree, finding a career you love, starting or ending a serious relationship, getting married, or having kids. Sometimes it’s not easy just going through these changes, but these quotes are here to remind you that you are not alone, and you will make it through whatever life throws your way. Continue reading

What It’s Like Teaching Around the Holidays

By: Kate Pallini

If you’re a teacher who is counting the weeks until the sweet release of winter break, then you’re probably also aware of the side effects of teaching students who are just plain exhausted as the week off approaches. You may think to yourself, “How can I keep them motivated right up until the end?” Well, the harsh reality of it is, it will be a challenge; however, know that you’re not alone in the struggle! Here as some strategies I employed to keep students as active as humanly possible (while still learning!) right before winter break: Continue reading

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

By: Máire Hannigan

New year, new me. Whether or not you take this phrase seriously, New Year’s resolutions are a great opportunity to start making positive changes in your life. Although a fresh start can happen at any point, there’s something exciting about leaving behind a year that may or may not have been the best and feeling like you can start over on January 1st. The problem with resolutions, if you’re like me, is that it can be a tad difficult maintaining our goals. We allow ourselves a cheat day or we slack off and before we know it, we’ve retracted to our old ways. So, this year I want to help you stick to it. Here are a few ways I try to remember the goals I’ve made for myself: Continue reading