Five Thoughts You Have as You Navigate Your First Adult Job

By: Sam Miller

It’s not always easy transitioning from college to the “real world” as your relatives like to call it, but we all have to do it. Eventually, we reach a point when it’s time to grow up and get an adult job. So, what’s it going to be like when you finally do? It’s bound to be different for everyone. I graduated with my master’s degree in May and started working my first full-time job just three days after. Here’s what my experience has been like so far. Continue reading


8 Tips for the Stressed 20-Somethings

By: Gabrielle Muniz

Being an adult sounded way cooler as a kid, right?  Now, the most exciting aspect of your day might be taking a nap or eating comfort food.  When you find that stress really takes a hold of you, there are some ways to get yourself back in a positive place again. If your problems persist and really hinder your lifestyle, definitely contact a professional. In the meantime, here are some tips to combat those ordinary stressors in your life. Continue reading

10 Tips for First Time Teachers

By: Kate Pallini

Ever since 10th grade, I’ve had my sights set on becoming an English teacher. Through the years, I’ve met people who have grown to become my closest and best friends, and many times, they were older than me and becoming teachers as well. Watching them go through education programs, student teaching, and eventually, becoming full-time teachers, there was always one warning that I’ve always been given: “Your first year will be the hardest.” No truer words have ever been spoken. My goal here is to try to give you my best tips from what I’ve learned on this crazy roller coaster ride so far!
Continue reading

Playlist for a Rough day

By: Sam Miller

Whether a bad day is brought on by work, school, a relationship, or people in general, music is always there to help us feel better. The aim of this playlist is to do just that. This list contains a variety of genres and has songs that hopefully help with any kind of tough day in general.

*Some of these songs contain explicit language Continue reading