Liz and Her “Shot in the Dark”

By: Máire Hannigan

We first introduced you to Liz Bissonette back in January of 2017. She had just released two brand new songs, “Unlovable” and “Two Faces,” and was gearing up for a potential album release. Although an album isn’t coming just yet, Liz is now ready to share the last year and a half of her life with her listeners. “I wrote most of this stuff this time last year,” Liz explains, “and the reason I’ve waited so long to release it all is because I think I just needed to experience life and let myself have a break.” Today, with the release of “A Shot in the Dark,” we get a sneak peek of what’s to come. “I’ve been through a lot of crap this last year. I think I’m finally in a good headspace to start putting it all out,” Liz continues, explaining the reason behind the gap. “You’ll hear more about the ups and downs of this last year in the new music.” Continue reading


Ten Songs to Pump Up Your Workout

By: Sam Miller

A workout is only as good as the playlist being listened to. The right song can motivate you to do that next rep, set, or even mile. Whether the song is one that starts out slow and then builds, or it’s fast paced the entire time, there’s something about the beat or words or both that gets you pumped up and keeps you moving. Take a look at these ten songs to add to your playlist that will push you harder during your next workout! Continue reading

Playlist to Start the Day

By: Sam Miller

We’re not all morning people. Sometimes, it’s helpful to have a little pick-me-up that makes the morning routine a little easier. I’m not talking about a cup of coffee straight out of bed – but if that’s your thing, you do you. The right kind of playlist can actually help you add a little pep in your step, au naturale. Here’s a list of 8 songs that will get you pumped up for the rest of your day. Continue reading

“Habit” and the Beginning of a New Era for Megan and Liz

By: Máire Hannigan

Megan and Liz are back! We’ve featured these two before and are thrilled to be hearing new music from them. “Habit,” released on July 31st, launches their new “older” sound as they’ve grown as artists and as young women. They’re 24, dealing with more mature feelings and experiences, so it’s only natural that they exemplify that through their music. Continue reading

The Night Game’s “The Outfield” – Your New Favorite Song

By: Kate Pallini

Recently, Martin Johnson and his new group, The Night Game released their first single as an up-and-coming band. Johnson, the lead singer, was once the lead vocalist for the band, Boys Like Girls and is now taking his vocals and songwriting talents on a new endeavor that has been received extremely well by The Night Game’s fans. Their first single, “The Outfield” has already launched their popularity and has gained them lots of attention with its ‘80s vibes. Continue reading