5 Movies and TV Shows that Sum Up Adulting

By: Gabrielle Muniz

Ah, the adult life. Growing up means lots of coffee, stress, work, and questioning why you can’t just always be a kid. Here are some movies and shows that will make you feel completely validated about your adulting struggles. Continue reading


The Office: The Best of Jim and Pam

By: Sam Miller

Jim and Pam (The Office U.S.) are one of the cutest television couples by far. Their chemistry in the show is so good that the relationship has become real to the viewers. This article discusses the episodes that highlight this amazing relationship as it blossoms and grows into the epic love story of Jam. So go ahead—log on to your (or your friend’s) Netflix account, start binge watching, and feel enveloped in their love. Continue reading

New Girl Christmas Episodes, Ranked

By: Sam Miller

If you’re not obsessed with New Girl and all the hilarity that is the loft, you’re doing it wrong. If you are, you know that they’re Christmas episodes are lit like a Christmas tree (or menorah, for all you Schmidts out there). Throughout the six seasons they’ve had so far, there have been four episodes that revolve around the holidays. They’re all available on Netflix, so feel free to eat them up like a plate of cookies left out for Santa. Here they are, ranked: Continue reading