Our Creators:


I’m one of the two creators of the very magazine you’re looking at! My name is Gabbi. I’m the Ted Mosby of storytelling. Some say I look like Anna Kendrick. Puppies and pizza are life.


Máire. 23. I enjoy long walks to the refrigerator, Taylor Swift, getting lost in a book, & emotionally investing my time into the lives of fictional characters.



Our Wonderful Writers:


Hi all! My name is Sam Miller, I’m 25, and I’m obsessed with all things Gilmore Girls. Some other things I love include reading, writing, Netflix, and animals, in no particular order. Wine and food are like oxygen to me, and Nick Miller from New Girl is my spirit animal.


Kaycee believes that coffee and books are as essential to life as breathing. Currently finishing up her English master’s, Kaycee constantly surrounds herself with glorious words. In addition to reading, writing papers, and drowning herself in an endless supply of coffee each day, she is obsessed with all furry creatures. Her home resembles what many would consider a small zoo, complete with three cats, two dogs, and a bird. Kaycee hopes to one day live in a home large enough to house dozens of animals, where she can begin to write her own stories, all while drinking a giant mug of coffee.



Gabrielle Muniz. Writer, baker, total superhero geek…and loving it!  I will provide your food and entertainment needs.


As a first time writer for an online magazine, I am so excited to write about topics that men and women of all ages can relate to in some way or another. It’s a new opportunity to express thoughts about everyone’s favorite topics in a magazine that supports successes and shortcomings in our lives, and I’ve never felt more comfortable sharing my thoughts and opinions alongside some of my very talented friends. I’m Kate. I am a certified English teacher, and I recieved my certification during my stay at LIU Post. I cannot wait to continue publishing fun articles for this amazing magazine!



“I’m a bit too pop for the punk kids, but I’m too punk for the pop kids” -The Summer Set. I’m Rose. I spend way too much money on makeup. Coffee is my life support and Disney is my obsession.